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Graph # 45686

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Kolja Knauer

Invariant values

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Invariant Value Invariant Value
Acyclic No Index 4
Algebraic Connectivity 1.836 Laplacian Largest Eigenvalue 6.391
Average Degree 4 Longest Induced Cycle 11
Bipartite No Longest Induced Path 11
Chromatic Index 5 Matching Number 10
Chromatic Number 4 Maximum Degree 4
Circumference 21 Minimum Degree 4
Claw-Free No Minimum Dominating Set 5
Clique Number 3 Number of Components 1
Connected Yes Number of Edges 42
Density 0.2 Number of Triangles 7
Diameter 3 Number of Vertices 21
Edge Connectivity 4 Planar No
Eulerian Yes Radius 3
Genus 3 Regular Yes
Girth 3 Second Largest Eigenvalue 2.164
Hamiltonian Yes Smallest Eigenvalue -2.391
Independence Number 7 Vertex Connectivity 4

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Posted by Kolja Knauer at Sep 5, 2021 2:58 PM.
The smallest minimal Cayley graph of chromatic number 4. It is a Cayley graph of Z7 ⋊ Z3 wrt one generator of order 3 and one of order 7.

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